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2003 - Present

Jen Mac

Some of the 300+ handwritten notes received from grateful clients around the globe!

Therapy, yoga, meditation, medication, 12 step work, exercise, diets, self-help books… you name it, I’ve tried it. Still… nothing has come close to the thoughtful, focused and (above all) positive, action-oriented work that Jen Mac offers. If you seek meaningful and lasting change in your life, no matter how long you’ve been seeking it, continue that search with an indispensable tour guide– Jennifer Macaluso-Gilmore.

If you wandered through the Louvre in Paris all by yourself to make sense of all the masterpieces on display… sure, you’d probably get something out of it, but you’d get a lot MORE out of it had you hired a tour guide. Jen is that tour guide– for your soul, your brain, your heart. She can walk you through the many vast and intimidating halls within you that are overflowing with great, complicated works of art– your career, your love life, your health… And step by step she will reveal the masterpieces just waiting to be discovered there within you. Jen is able to achieve this because she’s walked that walk many times over– not only with women like me, but (most importantly) with HERSELF. And since she walks that walk BESIDE you as an equal instead of insisting, as many “experts” do, that you follow at a safe distance behind, the tour she takes you on becomes one of the most joyous journeys…

Personal Empowerment & Growth

― Mary Birdsong


Those who are fortunate enough to have encountered Jennifer soon learn she is a guru, goddess, a master of having an amazing life of your dreams…she is pure and pragmatic magic. Yes, she’s that wonderful, observant, keen, honest, powerful—and she has your best intentions in mind. I wish every woman could meet Jen, because she helps her clients step into the lives they’ve always wanted.

― TC


Working with Jen is much more productive and life altering than therapy because Jen has a powerful way of helping you to take action to make change.

― Marisa M.


When I took my first class with Jen I was struggling with anxiety issues, struggling in my relationship and struggling to define my career. Today, I am a million times calmer, happily married, running my own six-figure business and expecting a baby! I credit so much of this transformation to Jen and the many practical and inspirational tools she taught me. As someone who was skeptical about ‘self-help,’ I can say that Jen’s classes are truly ‘something different’ and amazingly transformational.

― L.P.

I have been working with Jen since 2004. During that time, I have acquired so many successful and robust tools to put into practice right away. Jen is a gifted soul and a remarkable teacher. She has served as an oracle, soul sister and fierce ally. I will always be grateful to her unique and inspiring pedagogy!

― Nasrine Shah Abushakra, Ph.D.

Dubai  & DC

I am truly truly truly happy with my life where it is. I’m not drinking, I’m speaking up for myself, I’ve accepted my job for what it is (a stable position that allows me nights and weekends to pursue my passion)…my boyfriend and I are planning out wedding dates (based on our priorities in life), there’s a ring on the way…I know without a doubt that privates with you have been the source of all this change (plus the IAs). It’s impossible to be around you and NOT feel inspired to grow. Hahah.. it’s almost by osmosis!

…I’ve been singing your praises and sharing your info with people because I just want everyone to meet you. Anyway, I figured, when you get the strong feeling to write a letter of gratitude, write it and send it. Don’t think twice or the moment will be gone. Thank you SO much Jen. You have helped me to love and accept my life just as it is while also giving me tools to create more! I’m excited for what’s to come. Love our monthly sessions.

Hugs and kisses!

― Jill

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