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Jen Mac Life Coach
Jen Mac Life Coach
“Our powerful work together catapulted me into the next level of my career.”
“Jen Mac is phenomenal! She has truly changed my life for the better.”
"Through Jen’s teachings, I was able to create a healthy, thriving marriage and career."
“I’ll be forever grateful to Jen Mac’s coaching devoted to my well-being and growth as a woman.”

If You’re Ready To Transform ANY Area In Your Personal Or Professional Life, I’m For You!

Hi, I’m Jen Mac – the go to, whole-life transformation coach for women ready to fulfill their potential! My clients are movers & shakers; female leaders, aspiring leaders, doers & learners. 

Through my many teachings, 20+ years of coaching experience & the wisdom I’ve acquired on my own, multiple transformation journeys, I will guide YOU to your present goal, dream or next-level transformation.

Having served over 2,000 women, I help my clients to become happier, take better care of themselves, redesign their careers & personal lives where needed & accomplish their goals & dreams… all while becoming greater role models too.

Have A Goal, Dream Or Next-Level Desire But Feel Lost, Overwhelmed Or Stuck?

That’s Where I Come In…

My greatest skills lie in listening closely to my clients & being able to “read between the lines.” With precision I’m able to pinpoint exactly what needs to change or where you need to begin your journey towards clarity, as well as where you need to get out of your own way.

I then proceed to guide you in a step by step process that is clear, actionable & doable… leading you from where you are today, to where you envision yourself next!

This whole process of transformation is my expertise, as I’ve spent over 30 years of my life researching & studying positive changes. I myself am also, no stranger to struggle & transformation.

My first round of life challenges happened early on, when I was quite young. Right then I decided to devote the next decade of my life to learning how to both heal myself & create all I envisioned. (Read about this 1st transformation journey of mine here: from hot mess to happy!)

My 2nd round of challenges came much later on. It was after I created a very solid self & successful life & lived this way for many years. This time I thoroughly burnt myself out, needing to take a step back to once again, redesign my own life. (Read about my 2nd transformation journey here: from burnout to balance.)

I genuinely get it & know what it’s like… When you’re at a crossroads of some kind (in your career or personal life) & are ready to figure out what your next life chapter is.

I genuinely get it & know what it’s like… When you’re simply excited by life! Having the desire to keep learning & growing so that you can continually level up.

I genuinely get it & know what it’s like… When you’ve had enough in 1 or more areas of your life & are finally ready to do something about it.

I genuinely get it & know what it’s like… To be “successful” by societal standards, yet still feel like something is missing. 

No matter which of these places you’re currently in, these are ALL the reasons women reach out & begin working with me… as I’ve now to date, successfully guided over 2,000 clients… helping them achieve their own next-level goals & new definitions of success!

And… when you next level transform your career or personal life, you begin living from your heart! This enables you to then be better & do better… & that’s when we ALL experience the power of the ripple effect. Because now you’re a power of example for all in your corner of our world that look to you! And guess what?

This is how our world gets better.


If you’re a leader, aspiring leader, doer or learner who is ready to next-level transform, you’re in the right place!

Let’s stop talking about the problems & get you to start living in the solutions!

Let’s get you living your whole life from your truth & with much more kindness towards YOU!

Let’s work together so that we continue moving our 1, human race forward… starting with ourselves!

Whether you crave...

  • To be in a loving relationship
  • To be a better communicator
  • To be more financially competent
  • To be living a healthier lifestyle
  • To better manage your feelings
  • To be a more present parent
  • To be a better leader in your career

I can help you get there.

Ready To Get Started, Having My Expertise & Support? Here’s How…

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Curious & want to learn more about my own journey & experience? Read more about me here.

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Wondering about the results that my clients regularly experience? Please enjoy this treasure trove of client gratitude.
"In today’s world, coaching has become a trend. One could easily have 10 different coaches for each area of life. Or, you could work with Jen Mac."
"Jen's a true LIFE coach, helping women transform ALL areas of their lives. She has an uncanny sense, allowing her to focus in on YOUR specific needs & then help you transform to your next level."
"Jen understands the pressure of being a leader & has the intelligence & integrity required to serve women both in & out of the spotlight. If you're always supporting others, Jen’s the answer to getting the support YOU need, when you need it most."

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