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Jen Mac Life Coach for Female Leaders

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Jen Mac Life Coach
Jen Mac Life Coach

About Jen

Jen Mac is a go-to industry leader & transformer in the life coaching space with over two decades of experience. She’s a highly sought-after speaker, trainer & mentor – and has coached over 2,000 women worldwide. Her advice on heart-centered leadership & more has been featured in high-profile media outlets such as The New York Times & Forbes.

Some of her most popular topics include:

Personal Empowerment & Growth for Female Leaders

You’re Not Alone At The Top

This signature, 3 part series is designed specifically for leaders who feel chronically overwhelmed, fear eventual burnout (for themselves, their teams or employees) & who worry about losing team/company/employee morale & focus. Leaders often feel isolated, experience trust issues & operate in silos. Here, Jen Mac shows you how to band together & create powerful community, as well as further your personal & professional success, enact greater positive changes & make a positive difference in our world! These sessions combine science-backed data, easy to use strategies & solutions to real-world situations.

Personal Empowerment & Growth for Female Leaders

The Resilience Advantage

This exciting training is helpful for leaders & employees & provides phenomenal outcomes for reducing stress, boosting energy, mental clarity & productivity! Participants here will learn techniques & about technologies both presently used by the U.S. Navy, within many Fortune 500 companies & top hospitals. Companies who’ve experienced this training regularly achieve strong, sustained results  – including drops in stress, health costs, overall improved performance & resilience.

Life Coach for Female Leaders

Navigating The Workplace Via Effective Communication

Perfect for leaders or employees, this signature, interactive session is about immediately creating greater success in your communications with others, both professionally AND personally! This session offers 15 powerful tools to instantly enhance your work & personal relationships, feeling more empowered as an effective, efficient communicator at work & in life.

Additional popular topics include:

  • Identifying The Underlying Issues of Your Stress and Anxiety
  • Enhancing Your Self Care
  • Prioritizing, Saying No & Boundary Setting

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Personal Empowerment & Growth for Female Leaders


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Lead For Well-Being Initiatives At Google, United Kingdom & Ireland

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