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2003 - Present

Dream Come True

Some of the 300+ handwritten notes received from grateful clients around the globe!

Taking Jennifer’s class was one of the best things I did in my life…my friend and I agree that her courses should be taught in high school. She and her classes are truly inspiring and eye opening as well as life altering…She has given me the tools that I seek especially during the difficult and challenging times…I took her class last year and it was one of the most fruitful years of my artistic career as well as my personal life. She truly is a godsend and a guardian angel. She showed me that there are no tricks or shortcuts….she gives you the daily tools you can use to live the best life you can live, a life by choice and design and not default. She showed me I can live my dream life today!

Love you Jennifer.

Personal Empowerment & Growth

― Boushra Almutawakel

Artist & Photographer, Yemen
On BBC’s List of 100 Inspiring & Influential Women Around The World

Jen Mac’s classes have changed my life for the better! The tools I learned throughout her classes have helped me approach every day events with grace and confidence. Since taking her class, I started my own business, met and married my husband and have become more confident within both work and personal relationships. Jen creates an environment of empowered, positive women that are supportive and kind. It is a sisterhood that is unparalleled. I am forever grateful that I invested in myself and took this class.

Personal Empowerment & Growth

― Patty Di Maria

Executive Producer/Show Runner
Founder – LadyPants Productions, LLC

Jen Mac came into my life at the perfect time…She taught me how to embrace life’s challenges, live in the present, let go of the past & dream big for my future. I was going through a major career change, difficult family challenges, the passing of someone I truly loved & an identity crisis, amongst other things. The lessons she taught me helped me create the life I always wanted but didn’t think I deserved & didn’t know how to achieve. Since then, using the tools I learned, I choose faith over fear, embrace every challenge without giving up hope & live, love, forgive & commit. I was able to pursue something I always loved, learned how to love myself & found the love of my life! Thank you Jen Mac for all the gifts I received from the lessons you taught us!

― Alexis Petras

Owner, Petras Interiors

Jennifer’s classes have been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in my life. They’re fun, fabulously refreshing and full of dynamic women who I’m still friends with today after taking her ‘Power’ class eight years ago…and her other classes shortly there after. Jen’s classes inspired me to build the life of my dreams through creating and striving for a detailed vision of my ideal life – with a powerful dose of positive energy and belief that it’s all possible. One by one, I achieved my goals of building a dynamic international management career with global travel, meeting and marrying my dream guy, surrounding myself with a group of fabulous females who I admire & who are wonderful friends and living a charmed, passionate, fun and vitality-filled life along the way. Jen’s classes provide so many tools I use to this day to handle any given situation life puts in front of me in an optimum way… and they continue to help me create and strive for new goals and dreams. Thank you, Jen!!

― C.L.

Hi Jen!

…I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. The investment I made in myself and your endlessly positive ‘anything is possible’ kick ass guidance has transformed my life. This year, I have changed so many habits with you as my guide…

I’ve kicked my people-pleasing habits and feel like a stronger, more empowered woman!!! I am 8 months sober!!…I changed my diet dramatically…taking care of my body! I’ve lost 30 pounds as a result!…I shifted my thinking at my job and created the work/life balance that I’ve always dreamed of… I just had my review and I received an extra percentage increase in my bonus and a raise!… All under your consistent, wise and 100% spot-on guidance. The ripple effect has been tremendous. It is NO ACCIDENT that my fiancé got a new, better paying job and moved into a beautiful dream apartment along the Hudson as I grew and expanded with your support. It’s a two-for-one deal

And finally… I am engaged to the man of my dreams!!!!…

Well, less than 12 months later I can look in the mirror and say I AM BECOMING THE WOMAN I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE!! EVERY DAY I LIVE MORE & MORE OF MY DREAM LIFE! There are no words to express my gratitude (well, except the word’s I’ve written above.) Thank you JEN!!!!

― Jillian Beirne

New York

Working with Jennifer was a wonderful experience. I took her ‘Power of Right Now’ course four years ago and was so inspired by her tangible advice, astute guidance, and resources that I left my job and embarked on an eight-month trip through South America, a life-long dream of mine. Desiring another dose of inspiration, I took Jennifer’s class a second time around in 2011 and five weeks into class, landed a position with a wonderful organization in my dream industry that combines my passions and interests and makes use of my talents and skills. Both of my experiences were shaped not by magic, or wishful thinking, but by Jennifer showing me how I was getting in my own way, and offering tools, advice, and resources on pushing myself forward. Hands down, Jen’s classes have been one of the most powerful, rewarding, and best investments of my life.

― J.M.

New York City

I don’t even know where to begin. When I think about where I am in my life and how far I’ve come, I truly cannot thank you enough for being one of my truest fans and helping me as I figure out my way on this journey. Because of you I finally have the missing piece to what has been holding me back and for the first time I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much for being you and inspiring me and so many other women to take control of their lives and giving us the courage to live our dreams.

― Denise G.

Taking Jen’s classes and private sessions feels like you are holding up a mirror to your soul and uncovering who you are, what makes you feel alive, and where you want to be in your life. While taking her classes, specifically during one assignment where I was asked to create my dream day, I decided to quit my job and go after my dream job and I made it happen! Taking Jen’s classes and privates will absolutely change your life as you begin to check off your dreams one by one!

― Jennifer G.

Executive Producer

Dear Jen,

…Through the ‘Power of Right Now’ and ‘You, Inc.’ I rekindled a long held dream of adopting a child. At the time, there were many challenges and obstacles in my way. I didn’t know anyone in my small world who had adopted. I had not yet told my husband of my desires. We had a very full life with two young daughters. Once I began talking about my thoughts, I discovered I did not have the full support that I needed and was often met with fear and negativity by others…Even through all this, you, dear Jen, encouraged me to step into the dream and try it on…You said that if this was something that spoke to me, it deserved to be a true possibility in my life. Long after your class ended, I continued to research and meet like-minded families who would inspire my decision. When it got too stressful for me at one point, you encouraged me to wait it out for many months and literally detach and remove myself from the adoption thoughts to see what would come up. Months later, my heart was so clear… Through your help, I stayed the course..We were finally going to adopt a precious 2 year old boy in Kazakhstan who desperately needed us just as much as we needed him.

Almost 5 years after I first began working with you, I sit here writing to you with my 3 year old son beside me on the couch…I know that without having experienced your teachings I would not have looked deep inside myself to find that this is what I felt called to do. I am certain I would have lived a smaller more ‘typical’ life and likely had many ‘what if’ moments later on. I would not have had the courage or determination to make our family of 5 a beautiful reality…People in my own community have been equally inspired and moved by watching our story unfold. We now sponsor two teen-agers in Kazakhstan who had never had the chance to be adopted. My parents sponsor another teenager as well. In one act of loving another child, I know I have changed the course of the lives of many children down the road. I silently thank you and your teachings so often when I look at my little boy sitting with us at the dinner table, playing in the grass — all of our lives are forever changed because I had the courage to finally step into my dreams. God bless you, Jen! I am forever grateful for you.

― Stephanie Karp

When I got divorced and was left raising my toddler and infant alone I was terrified. I thought my life would always be a struggle. A dear friend recommended I take Jen Mac’s course since she had such a positive experience. I did not know what to expect and I remember feeling nervous before the first class. I met some exceptionally wonderful women and had a truly life changing experience. I learned how to love and accept myself-something I was never taught before. Jen was kind, funny and encouraging. She has a way of making the information she disseminates fun and personal. I pushed myself in ways I did not know I could. Because of her course I have manifested dreams I never knew were possible including buying a country house, and creating and sustaining a loving relationship and marriage. I never thought I could have the life I so enjoy every minute. Jen helped me get here and I am so grateful.

― Elizabeth

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