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Personal Empowerment & Growth

Some of the 300+ handwritten notes received from grateful clients around the globe!

Jen Mac reaches inside you, venturing into those most fearful of rooms we all hide in. She shines her light on a path you didn’t see before, illuminating a way out that seems…DO-able. And by taking baby step after baby step, you acquire the skills of a grown up, to achieve the dreams of a child.

Personal Empowerment & Growth

― Mary Birdsong

Actress/Writer/Comic: Succession (HBO), The Daily Show, Reno 911, Broadway, The Descendants (w/George Clooney)

I’ve been given so many life changing tools through working with Jen Mac that have helped me soar and reach the potential that I always new was possible but didn’t know how to reach. The lessons I’ve learned gave me a roadmap to move forward not only in my career but in my personal life. I am truly grateful for the life I now have both personally and professionally. It has all been made possible through the lessons learned and the guidance of Jen Mac.

Personal Empowerment & Growth

― Denise Bucaoto

Director of Marketing at a Global Insurance Carrier

I learned more from Jen Mac’s classes about myself and creating the life I want than I have from any therapist or course. Jen is a gifted coach and modern day guru filled with wisdom you wish you learned as a child. She has helped me create an amazing life…and has given me the tools to live with happiness and joy, every day!

― Ilana Arazie

Blogger for Downtown Dharma

Hey Jen, I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to you. Since taking your class, my life has changed in so many positive ways and I just felt the need to really thank you again today. I have learned SO much about myself and who I really am over the past 6 months. I feel like I woke up to my own life and there is so much excitement and inspiration to draw from. It has been truly transformative. So, thank YOU.

Have a great afternoon! 🙂

― Nora Ritchie


I came into your network very lost, guarded…I learned how to love myself from your classes…

In ‘Power of Right Now’ I started to build myself for the better…’Power of Right Now’ gave me the tools to handle life’s dilemmas such as divorce, job loss and career change. How to have gratitude and humility.

In ‘YOU, INC.’ I had discovered self awareness and self empowerment allowing me to grow both personally & professionally. I learned how to design my dream life and make it a reality. I took care of myself in all my affairs. I was able to see who I needed to surround myself with. I was able to enjoy life’s rewards…

In ‘The Relationship Course’ I learned that there was a ‘U’ in ‘US’ and treated my relationships with this as a common theme. I was able to be in a committed relationship and let my guard down and share my life with another person. I was able to get married and realize that one of the roles I truly loved was that of a wife.

‘I.A.’ allows me to stay connected to this fabulous female network and learn how others solve problems (projects!). I am able to give back in this community and really be available to women who want to always move forward in their life. This class allows us to have a safe place to share our lives and not be judged only helped or guided.

…After working with you I truly feel that my life has improved for the better and things that used to paralyze me no longer do…


― Michelle Wexler

Real Estate Agent – New York

I met Jen at the most transformative time in my life thus far…my first heartbreak and my crossroads to true independence. The heaviness of my early experiences and forced transitions (remember Bosnia in the 90s?) made me despise change, and Jen made me learn how to cope with it, dwell in it, and even love it. To this day, I think she does not know how profound our interactions through The ‘Power of Right Now’ class in August 2008 were for me, but she helped me ‘flip it upside-down’ in the face of change at just the right moment – when I decided I needed to make the most of a big transition; be with the hurt, be with myself, learn, and move on!

Yet, how does one measure the immeasurable? While my internal growth and transformation over the last few years feel slow and subtle, people tell me “you are the most positive person I know!”… or “you look so happy and changed!” Jen’s toolbox, electric presence, and loving energy served as a parachute for a young woman in her 20s, learning how to truly be happy with herself, while embracing uncertainty, and building the life she wants to live – for herself. That’s it: Jen empowered me at a crucial moment in my life, and for that, I am forever grateful.

― Dee M

The Power of Right Now, August 2008

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