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“Jennifer’s classes have been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in my life.“
“Our powerful work together catapulted me into the next level of my career.”
“Jen Mac is phenomenal! She has truly changed my life for the better.”
“I’ll be forever grateful to Jen Mac’s coaching devoted to my well-being and growth as a woman.”
“Through her teachings I was able to ultimately land in a healthy thriving marriage and career.”

Who Supports You When You’re Supporting Everyone Around You?

When you’re a leader or doer, so many people look to you… & the responsibility & weight of this can be great. It can be anxiety provoking too, as there’s a certain level of isolation you experience when you’re a leader to many. Yet despite being a leader, you’re also human like everyone else. You have needs too!

Hi! I’m Jen Mac – the go to, whole-life transformation coach for female leaders — helping them transform & create positive changes in their work, personal lives & our world… with kindness & an open heart.

I know firsthand what you’re feeling at times, as by the start of 2012 I felt broken. I was at the top of my game, yet I chose to walk away from it ALL.

Women can have it all, just not all at the same time!

In 2011 I started to burn out from the overwhelming responsibility of being an ongoing leader to hundreds & hundreds of women in my community for a decade.

I was featured alongside notable women like Gabby Bernstein & Kris Carr in high-profile media like the New York Times, offered multiple book deal meetings & the opportunity to be part of a TV show. I was also nominated for “Intelligent Optimist Of The Year” in Optimist Daily magazine & on Claudia Chan’s list, “Celebrating 100 Remarkable Women” – in phenomenal company with women like Hillary Clinton, Maria Shriver & Marie Forleo.

What started as a small business servicing just a few, grew into a large community that could no longer be managed with the systems I originally created. I felt a strong responsibility to my community though, to keep going & maintain the high touch level of service I was known for.

I also had 2 children under 5 who needed their mom & a husband with his own growing business. Suddenly my work, personal life & world felt impossible to manage. I didn’t know what to do; what precisely to change, let go of or delegate… so I just kept going – until I mentally, physically & emotionally, couldn’t anymore.

There was simply no one to assist me that got it.

No equally seasoned, fellow leader adept at helping me to identify what my core issues were at that time, give me clear steps to move through them & figure out what was next.

I realized for the time being I had to stop work altogether. Once I made the decision, many couldn’t understand it. How could I walk away from such “success?” Even so, I shut it all down because my well being, family & personal values were more important to me than ongoing waitlists & high profile opportunities at the time.

After painfully navigating my own way through all I was experiencing, I felt passionate about never wanting another female leader to go through what I had…

so I made it my mission to guide foremost female leaders when they need it most!

Today, I serve my fellow female leaders & doers, providing them with the same support I craved & deserved. I help my clients take better care of themselves, redesign their work & personal lives wherever needed & in the process, become greater, more empowered leaders too! 

With 20 Years Experience As An Executive Life Coach,
I Will Guide You To Your Next Level Transformation.

I get the pressure you feel…  When everyone looks to you for ongoing inspiration, guidance & support – & you’re suddenly in a place where you’re needing that yourself!

I get the pressure you feel…  To keep producing, expanding upon or maintaining all you’ve accomplished because that’s what you’ve always done & now others naturally, have come to expect this of you!

I get the pressure you feel…  When there’s no one to turn to for support because everyone in your work & life turns to YOU! 

I get the pressure you feel…  When you need to take a time-out for yourself, yet feel paralyzed in not wanting to disappoint all those who look to you because you’ve always been there for them.

And, when you as a leader next level transform your work or personal life, you begin living from your heart!

This enables you to lead better… & that’s when we ALL experience the power of the ripple effect. Because now you’re leading by example for all in your corner of our world that look to you! And guess what?

This is how our world gets better.

If you’re a fellow leader & doer, ready to next-level transform – so you can rise up & be more of the light desperately needed on this planet, you’re in the right place!

Let’s stop focusing on the problems & laser in on the solutions.
Let’s live & lead from our truth & with much more kindness.
Let’s join together & move our human race forward, starting with ourselves!

Many of my clients are “successful” by societal standards. They have wealth, wonderful families & rich, cultured lives, yet they still feel like something is missing.

Whether you crave to be...

I can help you get there.

Read on to learn more about my work & ways I can support you, regarding any positive improvements, changes or expansion you crave!

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Wondering about the results that my clients regularly experience? Please enjoy this treasure trove of client gratitude.

"In today’s world, coaching has become a trend. One could easily have 10 different coaches for each area of life. Or, you could work with Jen Mac."
"A true LIFE coach, Jen’s high-touch & capable of helping high profile women transform ALL areas of their life. She has an uncanny sense, allowing her to laser focus in on YOUR specific needs & then genuinely help you transform to your next level."
"Jen understands the pressure of being a leader & has the intelligence & integrity required to serve women in the spotlight. If you're always supporting others, Jen’s the answer to getting the support YOU need, when you need it most."


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