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June 2017 – You’ve Got The Power!

Blog Image June 2017

It can be pretty easy to get caught up in a cycle of wrong thinking. Often times we can look at what we don’t yet have or what we haven’t yet accomplished or achieved & start thinking to ourselves, “this isn’t going to happen” “it’s totally impossible” or “it’s just not for me.” Combine this thinking with all of the exterior noise & distraction we experience day to day, & at times it seems almost certain that some of the things we desire, dream of & maybe even already are working towards, might never happen. Even so, we CAN turn this type of powerless thinking around!

To be human means that no matter who we are, at times, we’ll question or doubt our abilities. It’s also part of our human experience to sometimes become fixated on what isn’t happening (yet), what isn’t working (still) or what seems like (at present) can’t been done. “Why bother anymore?” we might ask ourselves. Even so, amidst all of this humanity, our true essence always remains in tact, underneath. While our spirit, our true self, might be temporarily veiled or hidden to us, it’s always there! And, if you sit quietly for long enough, you’ll feel your true essence – your spirit, as well as hear it whisper the truth to you once more, whenever you forget!

So for those of us this month that have gotten caught up in wrong thinking, for those of us who’ve temporarily forgotten our true nature & how powerful we genuinely are…this is your loving wake-up call & reminder; you’ve got the power! “Still,” you might be asking, “how do I step back into it? How do I reconnect with my innate power after feeling powerless for so long?” Well, here are three ways you can begin to do so, starting today!

#1: Make Conscious Choices! Everyday we make hundreds of decisions! Each day, we’re making choice after choice after choice. From the moment we wake up, we’re making decisions whether we’re conscious of them or not; the moment we choose to get out of bed (or stay in it), how many minutes we choose to shower…or not! What color top or outfit we put on, if we choose to balance our check book that day or not, what we choose to put into our bodies, how much of our money we choose to spend & on what exactly, how we choose to speak to others we interact with, the way we choose to respond to someone when they lash out at us. Truly, we make a lot of choices daily! Even so, hundreds of our choices are already set on “autopilot”…so we don’t even notice they’re choices anymore. Because we’ve become so conditioned to respond to certain people, places & things in certain ways, many of our daily decisions no longer feel like choices at all. We’ve stopped choosing consciously! We just do. Still, we have quite a lot of power in the choices we make…when we pause to think a bit before we make them! Our choices can influence how people perceive & treat us. If we choose to speak kindly about ourselves & others, people around us may perceive us to be self compassionate & kind. If we say no to someone’s poor behavior towards us, others learn we won’t tolerate being treated that same way. Sometimes our choices are like votes too. When we go to the grocery store, we vote every time we choose to buy organic or non GMO…instead of buying something processed or sprayed with chemicals. One by one these choices add up, creating incredible power that says to even a large grocery store chain, “I won’t eat that – but this I will!” The more often we pause to first give some thought to what choice we’ll make next, the more we can reclaim & utilize our amazing & innate personal power!

#2: Focus On What You CAN Do…& Then Do Those Things! When we start to fixate on a loop of thoughts regarding everything we can’t do (right now), everything that isn’t working (at the moment) & everything that doesn’t feel possible (yet), we can get stuck for a very long time in a not so good place. This creates a frustrating life! So right now, begin shifting this thinking immediately…by focusing today, on what you CAN do (right now), everything that’s working (in this moment) & everything that feels possible (today!) By starting here, we work with all of our current potential & then with time, build on it! So pause right now to give thought to everything you CAN do today. List it all out! What does that include for you? Can you make a healthier food choice today? Can you move your body today? For just 5, 10 or 15 minutes? Can you smile at everyone you come in contact with today? Make a phone call today? Clean out a closet today? Can you read one page in that book? One chapter? Sign up for that course today? Or at least do some research on it to learn more? Can you save some money today? You get the idea! List out everything you CAN do…& then start doing those things whether daily or regularly…so you can make positive, forward movement in your life again; wherever you’re desiring it! Also, list out what’s working in your life & what feels possible for you today. Start small or wherever you are, whether it’s one thing on your list today or twenty. You can then slowly build on that amount of good!

#3: Focus On Your Strengths…& Then Utilize Them Daily! We all have weak spots, blind spots & things we’re just plain not good at. Welcome again, to the human experience! In equal amounts though, we all possess strengths, clear spots & things we excel at. So make another list today…of all your strengths & then get busy utilizing them! Strengths are talents we possess. Still, we often don’t notice them because they come so naturally to us that we miss them! We think to ourselves, “That can’t possibly be a talent, it’s so easy for me” or “I’ve been doing that since I’m a kid; it’s really no biggie! Anyone could do that!” Still you’re wrong about that! It’s also exactly why we sometimes miss noticing the gifts we do possess! We’ve been doing them forever, most likely on a daily basis…so from our perspective there’s really nothing special or extraordinary about any of our gifts, talents & abilities. Even so, this is why we each excel at certain things; we’ve been doing these things forever & most likely daily, so they’ve become super easy for us & we’ve become exceptional at them! They’re our true gifts, talents & abilities…so make sure you list them out, give thanks for having been given so much & then, start putting them to use more frequently! What are yours? Pause to list them out right now! If you’re really not sure, ask someone close to you as they’ll be able to tell you immediately. Are you the social planner for your group of friends (& have been since you were in grade school?) That’s a talent! Are you the most organized person you know? The one who comes over & helps their friend put systems in place or clean out her closet? That’s a talent! Maybe you always run your kids’ school events or spearhead them. Maybe you’re a great cook, baker or entertainer. Maybe you’re the one who always takes copious notes at meetings or comes up with all the creative ideas. Whatever your strengths are, jot them all down & start using them daily…to help you get where you want to go next!

Remember, in this life each of us possesses a tremendous amount of personal power! When we become aware of ours & use it to benefit ourselves & those around us (in good, positive ways), life feels fulfilling & we start realizing our goals & dreams. So step into – or back into – your personal power this month! Live in alignment with who you authentically are. When used for good, our personal power creates the most wonderful, positive things…including most importantly, a full & fulfilling life!

May you enjoy & share your personal power with our world! And may you take from here large or small, whatever’s helpful to YOU…as well as share this message where needed, with those you love. Happy June! I sincerely hope you enjoy this beautiful, new month ahead!