We are a boutique business since 2003;
aiming to serve 100 clients per year, maximum.

Choosing to work with a limited clientele allows us to make genuine, lasting connections with all our clients; providing top notch service to ALL! This includes delivering programs of the highest caliber, along with great client experiences. Here, we know you by name & so much more!

Additionallymy programs are 100% people-centric; using technology only to maximize our human connections, not hinder them. Therefore, all of my programs happen in real time through mediums allowing genuine connection & interaction with myself & others in this extraordinary community! Please see below for all of our offerings.


Make Your Life All You Know It Can Be! 

Signature Seasonal Foundation Program


Are you looking to kick things up a notch…personally & professionally? Improving or changing 1 or more areas in your work and/or personal life? Taking things to that more polished or expanded next level? (Even if you’re unsure how!)

The key is making time to focus on YOU so you can consistently learn new concepts, tools & actionable steps to positively change things; step by step, each day!

In this season long program, we focus on & learn how to implement ALL of the following:

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Time For Yourself Monthly…To Replenish, Learn More & Continually Live Better! 

Signature Maintenance Program

Want to further develop yourself personally & professionally? (Whether you’re currently where you’d like to be right now or not.)

Want to ensure you’re staying focused on your current goals & dreams?
(Whether you’re just getting started with some or about to accomplish them all.)

Want to stay supported, purpose driven & happy?
In Me Time Monthly, you’ll have designated YOU time at the top of each month to:


For Those Wanting To Work Intently & 1 On 1 

Signature Intensive Program

(Prerequisite: Jen Mac’s Positive Transformations®)

I now work privately with a select number of individual clients per year.

If you wish to be considered when a spot’s next available, please click here to let us know.

Someone will get back to you shortly!


Available To Clients’ Companies, Corporations & Organizations

I offer consulting & both set & customized trainings & talks.

Consulting’s perfect for those looking to view their organization’s culture, marketing and/or work environment from a totally new perspective. This provides you with a fresh overview allowing & inspiring your organization to start making some significant, positive changes!

Trainings & talks are great for organizations, corporations & companies looking to inspire, direct & support positive changes in the people they employ or help.

Whether it be in the realm of personal or professional development in direct regard to productivity & quality of life for your members or employees, I can provide an ideal training or talk for you.

Please email all requests to us at

Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we’re booked for the first two quarters of 2021. If you’re looking to book an event for the second half of 2021 or beyond, please email us at the above address. Thank you!

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Create Your Best Self & Life

A Whole Life Assessment Mini-Class

Sign up for my complimentary, 10 minute video, where I lead you through a mini-class to get the most from my whole life assessment worksheet.

Sign up now & gain clarity regarding what you want and how to get there… creating your best self & life!

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