Hi! I’m Jen

& like you, I assume many roles between my career & personal life.

As an executive life coach & speaker, I’m of service to my clients, managing employees, writing & leading programs, giving talks, leading trainings & running a successful business.

In my personal life I oversee a household of 4 – where I’m an ongoing caretaker for myself, a wife, mom, housekeeper, financial planner, teacher, chauffeur, business partner & friend!

Having so many daily responsibilities feels normal to a leader. However, it’s also at times what can drive us to feel overwhelmed & anxious.

Consequently we leaders need support most of all. I know this firsthand!

I also know that when we prioritize our own further healing & development, we create our best selves & lives. We then lead by example – positively impacting everyone we love & lead on our planet too.

Knowing you’re a busy woman, I’ve kept this page short & sweet! Yet if you’re like me & like to research the people you’re curious to work with & invest in – I’ve shared my truth & heart beyond this page… should you want to learn more.

To understand why I’m known to top female leaders as their “go-to, whole-life transformation coach” & learn more details of my story such as:

  • How I completely transformed my own life from loneliness, grief & addiction to fulfilling relationships, joy & peace
  • The breadth of my 3 decades of work, including healing modalities, training & life lessons that equip me to guide fellow leaders
  • Why I turned down multiple high-profile opportunities to stay true to myself & my personal values
  • How & why I march to the beat of my own drum & encourage my clients to do the same
  • What I’m up to now & how I serve amazing female leaders around the globe
"Jen gave me the tools to step into my power, unlock my leadership potential, and create limitless possibilities for myself."
- Selena Soo
"It is without exaggeration when I say that taking Jen’s classes reset the trajectory of my life."
- Bridgette R.
"I wish every woman could meet Jen, because she helps her clients step into the lives they’ve always wanted."
- TC
"She has served as an oracle, soul sister and fierce ally. I will always be grateful to her unique and inspiring pedagogy!"
- Nasrine Shah Abushakra, Ph.D.

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