Complimentary 3-Part Educational Series

Rise Up With Kindness

Led By: Jen Mac


Why cancel culture exists (this will radically change your perception and fear of being #canceled for good!)

In this video, you can talk about why “cancel culture” exists and why our leaders and systems are failing us. If you have an example of a company that has been “canceled” to illustrate – even better. For example, Victoria’s Secret canceled their fashion show and is completely overhauling their brand after getting “canceled” for refusing to include diverse bodies and the unsavory remarks made by their old marketing exec.


Why you can’t fake goodness – and how to lead from power, not profit margin.

In this video, I think it would be interesting to talk about how many leaders are watching their profits dwindle or fear criticism so they speak out on social media, only for it to unravel that their company is anything but inclusive behind the scenes. It’s an issue of doing the work from profit margin – hiring a PR rep or someone to manage your social media – but not doing any of the real work and moving the needle behind the scenes.


All talk, no action – why many leaders fail at disruptive action.

This video should be more about quiet disruption. I love the examples of Reese Witherspoon or Naomi Osaka bringing her competitor on stage. They weren’t angry or hostile, but used their “action” to enact change, inspire, and make a difference.

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